Database of Works by Ethnic Minority and Majority World Scholars

This database is designed to help readers find more diverse sources relevant to specific areas of research and teaching. It provides basic demographic information to enable reading these authors in their own contexts. This database is a work in progress, which currently includes primarily work by Old Testament scholars, though we are in the process of adding New Testament scholars. For additional bibliographies, compiled by external sources, click here. The viewpoints represented in the bibliography do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, and/or beliefs of Every Voice or our Sponsors.

  • Instructions for Using the Database

    To execute a basic search on an author’s name, title keyword, biblical book, or topic, enter the word or phrase into the box above and click “Search.” To search on an exact phrase, put the phrase in quotation marks.

    Click on “Advanced Search” to search for multiple search terms and/or filter by source type, language, Scripture or topic tags, or date, as well as by author demographic information, including gender, race, ethnicity, country of origin, and current region. Checkboxes are used for filtering in a category that has only a handful of options. For other categories, click in the box to see a drop-down list or start typing to see a list of relevant options. Then click on the desired selection to input it into the field. You may add multiple selections to a single field. When you are finished entering in your search criteria, press “Search” to display the results.

    In the list of search results, click on a title to see a more detailed record. The button will copy the citation to the clipboard. For more complete instructions, click here.

  • Bibliographies

    For bibliographies highlighting ethnic minority and Majority World scholars compiled by external sources, click here.

  • Submit Additional Author or Source Information

    If you’re an ethnic minority or Majority World scholar and would like to add or correct demographic information in our database, please fill out our survey here.

    If you’d like to suggest additional sources for yourself or another scholar, please fill out our form here.

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